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Tribute to GC Foster

Tribute to GC Foster
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Mr Gerald C Foster


Gerald Claude Eugene (‘G.C.’) Foster, a man of outstanding and versatile sporting talent, dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in all his sport-related endeavours.  With intelligence, discipline, study, application, perseverance and self-assurance, ‘G.C.’ overcame the near insuperable handicaps of training and performing in the under-developed environment of Jamaica in the early 20th Century.  He went within a percentage point of the world record for the 100 yards dash and was a Nemesis of International stars, though Jamaica was not then a participant in international games.


G.C. Foster later distinguished himself at Cricket, Football and Tennis.  Inevitably, he bore the stamp of success in the best sporting traditions, with natural flair and a character and personality distinctly his own.  The illustrious career of G.C. Foster included the physical development of youths with emphasis on qualities of intelligence, dedication, discipline, application, perseverance, and self-assurance.  He possessed a great store of wisdom, unrivalled technical knowledge, and an uncanny ability to identify talent in the most unlikely bodies. He was a genius for inspiring young athletes to believe in themselves, to correct technical faults, and to achieve surprising levels of performance.  ‘G.C.’ a father figure to those in his charge, was a treasury of time-honoured maxims.  This was supplemented by his original witticisms.  As coach, masseur, and a player of bridge and chess in his later years, he was the greatest colleague for one to have, and a dangerous, though always graceful opponent.  To this monumental and unforgettable Jamaican sportsman is named “The G. C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport”